Tweed Garden

Tweed Garden
Painted Wood
12' x 15' x 9'
Site-Specific Installation, Tweed Courthouse, New York

View Model for Tweed Garden

View Sunnyvale Community Center Proposal / Study for Tweed Garden

"An assemblage of swelling colums that converged at the top like Gothic vaulting". – George Melrod, Public Art Review, 1993

"In the recent group exhibition she organized at the Sculpture Center, Mary Ann Unger showed a personal, expressive figurative sculpture. In the lobby of the Tweed Courthouse, she is exhibiting an environmental work consisting of 10 painted hexagonal columns, each 9 feet tall. While the work at the Sculpture Center was heavy with meaning, the architectural sculpture is ornamental and light. The columns taper from bottom to top like flowers or trees - a reminder, perhaps, that columns evolved from trees. All are open in the middle and rise or grow in layers. The columns reach toward the light pouring through the glass dome; seen from above they suggest lamps. The clustering of the columns suggests a forest, but there are also vaulted passageways through them like gothic side aisles. This work is very easy to be with, yet it is substantial enough to remain around for a while." – Michael Brenson, New York Times, 1985

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